Using Technology to our Advantage at Home

Technology, the thing we use almost every day to do the majority of the things we want to do, can also be misused. How many times have you caught yourself needlessly scrolling through social media, seeing the stuff that you have already seen, not 10 minutes ago? Unless you follow millions of people, you are

How to Make Your Home Look Minimalist

Have you ever looked around your home, only to decide that you have too much stuff and nowhere to put it all? If the answer is yet, then you should by all means find a way to get rid of said stuff. Leading a minimalist life, at least in terms of having your home look

Top 7 Traveling Apps

When you travel the world, you want to be updated on everything you need to know in order to stay informed and sharp. This is especially important if you want to navigate a new, strange country. There are so many applications on both the Apple Store and the Play Store. It is almost impossible to

Top 6 Shopping Apps for Smartphones

Shopping is something we as people love doing. We need things and we need them quickly. Browsing the internet makes sure that we can shop almost immediately, even though there is a waiting period prior to you actually getting something after ordering it.  Shopping today has never been easier. You have two or three-step authentication