Be One with Nature – What To Expect from Yoga Camps

You have all heard of yoga, but depending on the type of yoga and its branding in your part of the world, you might have had a different experience, or rather, you most certainly must have had a different one.

In the western part of the world, yoga is almost like a type of fitness in some cases. In others, it remains true to the practice of yoga and you can focus on your breath and on your body and your movements.

But, let’s say that you want to take the next step and learn more yoga. If you sign up for a yoga camp, what can you expect to find there? Here is what to expect from yoga camps.

A Community of (relatively) Likely Minded People

If you want to love and feel loved, you should find a community. People who love and live yoga, they tend to be a lot more accepting of others than people who love rugby, for example. The very core of yoga is about love, sort of speaking. Some people go on yoga camps or retreats, by themselves. Not knowing anybody can be liberating, because nobody knows you and there are no expectations, except doing yoga.

A Whole New World

Not to quote Aladdin, but you could experience a whole new world, and while you wouldn’t be going to another planet, the scenery will most likely change. Yoga retreats are often somewhere in nature and that is beautiful by itself. Leaving the big city to find literal peace and quiet is in itself a great deed, let alone the fact that you might be going to another country. Exploring the world is a fine side effect of yoga retreats.

Different Meal Plans

Yoga retreats often have meals included, and they are of a vegetarian type. Some may include seafood while others may or may not include meat for a price. If you are a carnivore, you might feel challenged if you are particularly fond of frequently eating meat. If you are on the vegetable and fruit side of things more often, you should feel right at home and yet still abroad. The food will be different, you can be sure of that. The scheduled meals should also help you meet new people and have a consistent thing throughout the day.

Dopamine Fasting

Digital detox or dopamine fasting can be done while on a yoga retreat. Having your mobile phone in your tent or room will be beneficial to you becoming more in tune with your surroundings.

Whether new food, destinations or a new bunch of favorite people, yoga retreats will definitely show you something new, and something you are already familiar with, yoga.