Top 6 Shopping Apps for Smartphones

Shopping is something we as people love doing. We need things and we need them quickly. Browsing the internet makes sure that we can shop almost immediately – just like we can play games or take a look at almost immediately after we go online – even though there is a waiting period prior

Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Online shopping and webshops in general have become an inevitable part of our everydau\y life. While some are still sticklers to traditional retail shopping, others prefer saving their time and money by purchasing online. Surely, the advantages of shopping online are huge but there are also some disadvantages. Let’s take a look at what one

Style Guide: How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Have you ever been wondering why some clothes look good on someone else but not on you even if you are just about the same size? Well, knowing more about how to properly choose outfits according to your body type will definitely change your life. Here are some tips and tricks for women that will

Tips for Managing your Shopaholic Habits

We all love to shop and get new things, it is a sort of a fulfilling experience. Furthermore, online shopping has made this even more convenient which might have caused our habits to go a bit out of control. Very often we tend to shop not because we need things but out of pure boredom