Color Coordination: Matching Colors in Interior Design

Making any house interior look spacier, pleasing to the eye and creative is not that easy of a task. Sure, all of us are aware of the impact colors, textures, shapes and their combination have on our everyday life. So, why doesn’t your interior look good enough despite all your efforts to arrange and decorate it? Why does your space look smaller and out of balance? Take a look at some color coordination tips you might find useful.

Choose the Main Color to Connect the Rooms

When you use the same color and try to incorporate it into the design of all your rooms it will give your home a more harmonious look. And don’t stick to it completely, as adding the same color to various rooms only serves the purpose of color continuity. Add some details in your preferred color in every room, such as a rug, painting, chandelier, curtains or even a sofa. Add other colors to break the uniformed look, but make sure you don’t overdo it. 

Add Colors From the Same Group

If your aim is to connect the colors through your home one of the ways to do so is to choose furniture and decorations from the same color group. Select an odd number of shades but not more than five, and make them your dominant color in all your rooms. Keep in mind that you can also opt for something with patterns with the same color on it – such as pillows with stripes, wallpapers, rugs, and more.  

Same Color with Distinct Values

If you opt for this kind of color coordination, you can always go big and paint walls in different rooms with distinct values of the same color. For example, you can choose aquamarine and go from light to dark, which will create a smooth visual transition from room to room. Always make sure that you reserve the lighter shades for spaces where you spend more time and where you sleep. Darker tones are ideal for hallways, restrooms, and places where you tend to spend less time. 

Repetition for Unifying Effect

Adding some elements that will serve to unify your living space can make a significant change to how your interior looks. If you use the same elements in all the rooms such as the same color of wood frames, windows, doors, or flooring you will achieve this effect. You can make all the furniture hardware of the same design and color – silver, bronze, gold, rose gold, etc, and it will make everything seem harmonious.