How Can Smart Home Devices Be Dangerous

Staying up to date with new technologies can be time-saving and efficient. It goes without saying that the latest technological advancements have had a great impact on the way we do just about anything. However, using today’s smart devices can be harmful as it can be helpful. 

People are usually eager to purchase the latest gadgets, but most of them are not aware of all the dangers that can come from using them. In most cases, the main threat comes from the lack of knowledge of how the device works, therefore, how it should be properly used. 

If you decided to upgrade your home with some smart devices, take a look at our list, and make sure that you don’t fall into a trap of modern cybercrime. 

Be Careful With Your Private Information

Any smart device is a vault of data. They usually contain your personal information like date of birth and credit card details. If your smart home device has poor protection, these data can be stolen and then used against you. The best thing to do in this case is to avoid sharing personal information like e-mail and bank details, or any sensitive information, with your smart devices.

(Un)Healthy Monitoring

One of the greatest issues with smart devices is that a number of them have a camera. Even though their purpose was one of good nature, the creators of these systems have not thought of their downside. 

To begin with, many apps nowadays are being used to track and monitor your child. On one hand, this can seem to be a good thing. However, the constant need to know the whereabouts of one person can create feelings of paranoia and control loss. With modern technology, it is now easier than ever to become a stalker or to control and harass your victims. So make sure you are aware of how these apps are used and to what purpose they were made.

Another example of unhealthy monitoring is video surveillance and video doorbells. With cameras installed, anyone can track your comings and goings from anywhere in the world. This can be dangerous for two reasons. As mentioned before, it can create a feeling of paranoia if a member of your household if monitoring all the time. And the second reason is that if you use the same password for all other devices, and hackers get to it, they could easily tell when you are not at home and take advantage of the situation. 

The greatest issue with unhealthy monitoring is that it can be controlled by one single person. If, for example, you install Internet-connected locks, and only one member of your household has control over them, you could find yourself in a situation that you wouldn’t be able to leave your own home or even a certain room.

Before becoming a victim of your own house, make sure you have a thorough conversation with everyone living in it so that you all agree to the changes that are about to be made. Everyone should agree to these changes and share the responsibility of living in a modern-day home.