How to Make a Perfume at Home – A Simple Guide

Perfumes are something we often use. Whether we use them for that sense of freshness or sweetness, depending on the flavor, or simply because we want to impress a certain someone, perfumes are among the many things most people own. 

What if you could make a perfume at home? Would you go out of your way, even by a little, to make your own perfume, something you always wanted, a certain aroma which nobody ever seemed to get right?

Well, here is a simple guide on how to make perfume at home, so that you can finally have that scent you always wanted.

Know the Necessary Ingredients

A perfume consists of three ingredients, the top note, the middle note and the bass note. Each of these plays a vital role in the perfume’s scent.

The Top Note

This is the scent which you first smell and the one which evaporates the quickest. It is the scent which sets the tone of the perfume, what to expect, what not to expect. You know what they say, the first impression is often the most important one. Ingredients you can use to make the top note are fruits like citrus ones or berries, not to mention various herbs.

The Middle Note

This is the middle of your scent, the one which you smell after the top note starts evaporating. They can leave a longer impression and usually last longer, long enough to pave the way for the next part of the scent.

The Base Note

This part of the perfume mixes with the middle note to create the actual core of the perfume and they are noticeable once the top notes completely evaporate. They can be made out of anything, from vanilla to various types of wood, not to mention other strong scents. These notes remain present for hours to come.

Mixing it All Together

You need two bottles, alcohol and the ingredients you choose for your top, middle and base notes. Depending on the type of ingredients, you might need to change your procedure to adapt. 

Using essential oils, for example, you would have to add the base note first, then the middle one, and then the top note. You would then add the alcohol and leave the bottle to sit for 48 hours, at least. You can leave it longer, if you want the scent to be stronger. After you’re done waiting, add water and shake the bottle for a minute. You can then use a filter and transfer the perfume to another bottle. 

Depending on the type of ingredients, the procedure would have to be adapted. Flowers react differently, as to fruits, so be sure to check which procedure is the best one for your ingredients of choice. 

This is a simple guide on how to make a perfume using essential oils. There are far too many ways to make a perfume to be listed in a single list, so if you are interested in other, specific perfumes, you should look them up. Almost all perfumes are relatively easy to make.