Items you Possess That Could be Incredibly Valuable

We typically handle expensive stuff extra carefully, however, there are certain items that can just end up in our basement or attic, and yet it can worth tens of thousands of dollars. By not taking care of these items and preserving them we are actively decreasing their value, and that can leave a sour taste in our mouth. So if you have some of the following items, you should think twice how you handle them, or you should at least look them up online to appraise them more accurately. 

Vinyl records and turntable 

This one is really a no brainer. The sound of vinyl is of higher quality compared to digital music we listen to every day. Furthermore, a lot of the vinyl records are no longer in production, as well as turntables so if you have these items that are still functional and in great condition overall, they can be worth a lot of money.  

Old gaming consoles and video games

Gaming nowadays is significantly different compared to the 90s’ and early 2000s’. In other words, old consoles and games have great nostalgic value, and many gamers love to use them as ornaments for their rooms, even if they are not playing them in order to keep them functional.   

Vintage comic books 

Some of the best blockbuster movies nowadays drew inspiration from vintage comics, and those are no longer printed. The artwork and early stories have gone up in value because of this, so don’t let them get ruined. 


Lego blocks are simply legendary, and there are a lot of Lego sets that you can no longer purchase in a toy store. If all of your sets are complete and in good condition, look them up online just to see how much they are worth now. 


These antique keyboards sure bring up a lot of memories, and anyone who used them definitely misses the sound they make. Old typewriters can easily go for hundreds of dollars, and you can look them up on eBay to see their price. 

Old trading cards 

If you played Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh cards back in school you might want to check if some of them are still around, and pray they are in near-mint condition. If you have entire playsets of some cards you can get hundreds of dollars for them. However, if you have some of the old ultra-rares or secret rares you can even get thousands. 

Even though these are not played anymore, collectors will pay serious money for old cards, especially if that printing no longer exists.  Once again check eBay or other sites like TCG player to see how much you can get for a specific card from a specific edition.