Rarities Have Their Own Apps – The Best Apps for Rarities

People spend a lot of time chasing stuff which isn’t there forever, but is actually a part of a limited run. These items, with enough demand, become rarities or collectibles. People love collecting stuff, it is a favorite hobby of many. Collecting stuff thirty years ago was a challenge of its own, yet today, the challenge far less a challenge, and more of a search task.

There are applications for almost anything, including rarities. If you want to find your next collectible, here are a couple of apps which can help you achieve that goal.


eBay is the heart and soul of the used market, shopping for those things which are few and far between. Having this in mind, you should be mindful of how you use the app.

Not everything being advertised as a collectible is actually a collectible. Knowing this, do not trust all sellers unless you have ways of checking whether a certain item is actually a collectible, or a scam to profit on someone’s eagerness and hobby.


This application is used to track and organize. You can scan barcodes and QR codes and keep track of the items you need or already have. You can take photos and have them embedded with the item and keep track of whether you have given an item to someone or if you have rented or borrowed something yourself. Sorting is always good and Sortly does the job right.


If you are a fan of Nintendo and their products, this is the app for you. You can track how many amiibos you own and whether you lack any to complete a series or mini collection. Collecting them all will be a challenge, but having an app to help you with that specific task is simply great.


This is one of those apps which collectors should own, simply because they can talk with other collectors and join a community for that specific thing or topic they are interested in. There is nothing like a community to bring people together and help them achieve their common goal.

People helping one another is nothing new, but it should be frequent and common. Gemr helps in this regard, as well as in the transaction department. You can use it to buy or sell stuff.

Key Collector Comic App

You’ve heard of Marvel and DC? Now add to that many independent publishers and tons of comics which you might not even have ever thought to have existed and you rightfully need an application to remember it all. This is where the Comic app shines. It has a huge database and can help you keep track of all the comics you own and more importantly, don’t.

These are the best apps which you can use to keep track of your collection or find new items to purchase and admire. Collecting is a serious hobby and today, it can be approached with ease and with a simple touch or slide of a finger.