Style Guide: How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Have you ever been wondering why some clothes look good on someone else but not on you even if you are just about the same size? Well, knowing more about how to properly choose outfits according to your body type will definitely change your life. Here are some tips and tricks for women that will help you choose the right type of clothes for you!

Different Body Types

Everybody is unique and beautiful in its own way, however, it is possible to sort out body types in some categories. This will further help you find out which body type you have and how to accentuate all of your top features or possibly hide some you don’t like.

  • Pear
  • Apple 
  • Rectangular
  • Hourglass

If you want to determine whether you have a pear body shape you simply need to consider whether the top of your body is considerably smaller than the bottom. Strong thigs and wide hips with narrow shoulders are the indicators that will show whether you are this type. To dress for this body type you need to accentuate your top part of the body –  bust, and shoulders. Narrow pants and leggings should be avoided, so opt for a more straight leg type of pants. 

Women who have apple-shaped bodies tend to have bigger top parts of their bodies, why they tend to narrow towards the bottom. If you have slim legs and arms and wide shoulders, you might just fall under this category. Opposite to the pear-shaped body types, the apple-shaped one should turn the focus away from the top part. If your top features are your bust and neck this is where the accent should be. 

Ladies, if you think your hips, shoulders, and bust are just around the same width, then your body type is probably a rectangular one. To check whether you are you can measure your body to see whether your waist is smaller than your bust. However, your body won’t look as curvy as is the case with pear-shaped bodies. If there are fewer curves on your body, you should wear tight clothes to accentuate your slim figure. Also, adding belts or anything that will add curves will look good on this body type. 

Another type of body is the hourglass type and it is one of the least common body types out there. To be able to see whether you are the hourglass type, measure your hip and bust areas which should be around the same volume. Your waist should be significantly smaller than those measures, and this is another body type that looks rather curvy. To dress properly for this body type you can wear body-hugging clothes and tailored clothes to show off your curves.