Thank you for your kind assistance and phone call. Your service has been excellent.

Testimonial By: Karen & ChrisHunt — Whistler, Canada

Thank you very much for prompt shipment. The new trunk is wonderful and beautiful.

Testimonial By: Deanna Forsman — Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Thank you Stacy for getting back to me so quick...Very pleased with your services and quick responses. Will definitely recommend to everyone we know.

Testimonial By: Danny Cochran — Murphysboro, Illinois

The new trunk arrived today in very good shape. Thank you for the replacement. I am extremely impressed by your company’s response to this issue as I was not expecting a replacement trunk. Your response was really over the top. I hope you are able to identify the cause of the misalignment with the returned trunk.

I gave 2 of my older children these trunks for Christmas and they were a very popular item with the other kids (those old enough to notice). Several of them have put in advanced orders for their own for next year. I have 9 children so I think I will be a long time customer for you guys. I will probably get one for myself this spring.

Testimonial By: Randy Bayuk — Kennewick, Washington

Thank you for sending the replacement trunk. It arrived in good condition and is very nice. Thanks also for the excellent customer service.

Testimonial By: Heather Jarvis — Beaufort, South Carolina

Monday 06 December, 2013

Got the trunks and they are very nice. However, one trunk had 2 keys and the other had none. Appears both keys work in both trunk locks so we are ok there. Was there supposed to be 2 for each one?

Other than that, they are very nice. Got these for 2 of my kids who don't like their siblings getting into their stuff. I may need to get a big one for myself one of these days

Testimonial By: Randall Bayuk — Atlanta, Georgia

Monday 08 November, 2013

We received the three trunks and nameplates this week. We were very pleased with them!

Testimonial By: Charlotte Miller — Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

Thursday 28 October, 2013

I love the Marine Corp trunk with the emblem on front. Can you tell me if you carry US Navy? Or where I can find one. My husband is retiring after 20 years of service. This would be a nice and perfect gift to store his uniforms, etc.
Thank you!

Testimonial By: Shelley Blair — Los Angeles, California

Friday 09 July, 2013

You guys are the best!!!! Our son goes to Camp on Saturday with his beautiful new trunk.