The Ultimate Shopping Experience: X Best Shopping Malls Around The World

Online shopping is growing in popularity with each new day. People are enjoying the benefits of saving a lot of their time and getting exactly what they need.

However, no matter how practical and time-saving online shopping is, it can never copy the feeling of excitement and curiosity of entering a real shopping mall. 

Shopping malls have grown from a simple collection of stores located in one building to epicenters of amusement, stunning architecture, and pleasure. In order to offer something that online shopping couldn’t possibly replace, they had to find new ways in which they could attract customers to actually visit the store they are looking for. And some shopping malls became legendary in doing so. The malls on our list are not ordinary and unnoticeable. They are something that should be placed at the top of your “to visit” list if you ever travel to the city they are located in. 

The Galleria – Houston, Texas

Over 24 million people visit this unique shopping mall in Houston, Texas. Spreading over 2.4 million feet, it features 400 different stores and restaurants, but also 2 hotels. If you are interested in ice skating, then The Galleria is the place to go, since it has a full-size ice rink and 2 swimming pools.

Ala Moana – Honolulu, Hawaii

It would be a shame that one of the most beloved seaside places on Earth doesn’t feature a stunning shopping mall. Luckily, it does. Honolulu is home to the largest open-air mall in the world where people gather to try Hawaiian cuisine and watch hula shows. 

Daniel Ramirez from Honolulu, USA / CC BY ( – cropped

Dubai Mall – Dubai, The UAE

Like 1,200 stores and 120 restaurants weren’t enough, Dubai Mall also decided to include the Dubai Aquarium as well as the Discovery Center that has over 33,000 sea animals for their visitors to see. This shopping mall is especially popular among children since it has a small airport for kids where they can fly a make-believe airplane. 

Galleries Lafayette – Paris, France

Have you ever entered a historic building and just paused with astonishment? If you have, then be prepared to have that feeling yet again when seeing Galleries Lafayette in Paris. Don’t be afraid to explore the stores inside, because next to the expected luxury goods this mall also features budget-friendly options, so that everyone can enjoy being there. Another thing that this mall is famous for is the weekly fashion shows, that are performed in front of the visitors. 

Alex Liivet from Chester, United Kingdom / CC0

Berjaya Times Square – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

More than 1,000 retail shops, a food court, a bowling alley, and two amusement parks are visited by 2.5 million people at Berjaya Time Square each month. As much as three floors of this shopping mall are dedicated only to technology. However, the surprises don’t stop there. There is an entire section of this mall that is made to resemble New York’s 5th Avenue. 

Harrods – London, The United Kingdom

Europe’s largest department store is located in London. Harrods is also the home of the world’s first elevator. A visit to Harrods is more than shopping, it is an experience worth remembering. Over 330 departments, Harrods has a department dedicated only to the Christmas season. The ground floor of this shopping mall features food halls where you can be served some of the finest delicacies in the UK.