Top 6 Shopping Apps for Smartphones

Shopping is something we as people love doing. We need things and we need them quickly. Browsing the internet makes sure that we can shop almost immediately – just like we can play games or take a look at almost immediately after we go online – even though there is a waiting period prior to you actually getting something after ordering it. 

Shopping today has never been easier. You have two or three-step authentication and you can shop pretty quickly, and even over your mobile phone. That leads us to the next question, and that is, which apps are the best for shopping. Here are the best shopping apps for your smartphones.


It goes without saying that Amazon is one of the best shopping apps. What started off as a bookstore mediator is now one of the largest companies on the planet.

You have apps for multiple devices and you can shop anywhere, anything. Delivery time might vary depending on where you are in the world and whether they have a large center near you. It still does things it always did, connect a shop with a client, as well as selling their own products like Kindle or other Ereaders. 


A site similar to Amazon, yet it is based in China. Believe it or not, they have amazing customer service and offer tons of products at a very cheap price. It is an amazing app which almost every consumer should at some point visit. Whether you want a pair of sunglasses, a new guitar or an Android-based infotainment system for your car, AliExpress has it all. Cheap clothes, expensive clothes, anything and everything. It is truly which can help you kill a couple of hours only on browsing.


eBay is one of the shopping apps which you should consider installing because it allows the selling and buying of a lot of things, from clothes to appliances, including cars and more. It is a well-established app so you can make sure that they will provide for your safety, if you are experienced enough to avoid shady sellers and scalpers.

If eBay is not available in your country, look for a similar app, because there surely must be one.


When items fail to be sold or are returned, some online stores don’t want to deal with them. Overstock swoops in and takes the merchandise and successfully sells it, something they have been doing for more than a decade. They accept cryptocurrencies and they also offer new products, not just old and discarded ones. 


Wish is one of those apps which has a built in option that makes it even more interesting for consumers, especially those who shop frequently. The mode is called Blitz Buy, where you spin a wheel of fortune, in hopes of grabbing an even bigger discount on an item.

They do, however, have frequent discounts so that should persuade you to visit their site or download their app.


This app comes from Walmart. It is one of the biggest names when it comes to shopping and department stores. They have everything and they make sure that you know it. They offer lots of discounts and they are highlighted in the discounts section. It is always good to have perspective when shopping. A monopoly isn’t good for anybody.

These are the top 6 shopping apps which you should download and browse if you want to shop online.