Top 7 Traveling Apps

When you travel the world, you want to be updated on everything you need to know in order to stay informed and sharp. This is especially important if you want to navigate a new, strange country. Luckily, today we can use the internet to ease that pain to an extent. Even though we often associate internet with fun and games (think of online streaming, using an aspers casino promo code or similar casino codes online), there’s more to internet than that. We can use it to find useful information regarding the country we’re in at the moment of browsing it! There are so many applications on both the Apple Store and the Play Store. It is almost impossible to know which apps you need, which are the best and which you should avoid, off the bat. Experience requires you to try and err, but that is not an option if you are in a hurry. In order to avoid that, here are the best traveling apps you should have. or rather, MapsWithMe is an application offering offline maps for Android and iOS devices. This is great, because they are open source, meaning free to download and use. They use Open Street Maps as a base and improve upon it. You have 3D models on the maps, as well as plenty of highlights on the maps, such as health objects, shops, gas and charging stations, food, business and finance. 

You can drop custom markers and download only the maps you need, for example, those of Italy, but more specifically, Tuscany. It is a must have app.


If you haven’t already heard, Airbnb is an amazing site and they have an application. Basically, you can find accommodation everywhere in the world, if one registered their accommodation with Airbnb. The places you sleep in may vary, as can your experience. It is great if you don’t want to spend time in a hotel and if you want to meet a local. This is the best way to travel if you are not a fan of hotel prices or the typical lack of privacy in a hostel.


This application helps you find local places which have been visited by other people. Whether clubs, local restaurants or shops, you can find them here, but not just the locations, rather what the people who visited them thought. Positive or negative, their experiences can help you make the right choice before actually committing to a location.

Flight Scheduling Apps

This should be a personal choice, because there are multiple apps for this, price aggregators, as they are called. They can help you find the right flight for you. Even Google has its own app, so you should be good no matter which mobile device you own. Apps like Kiwi, Priceline, Hopper or Rome2Rio, or many others, can help you find a flight, whether there or back. 

Hotel Apps

If you prefer more expensive accommodation, or rather, depending on the situation, different accommodation, you should get a hotel or hostel app.,, HotelTonight, Expedia and many more, are the apps in question. They are interesting and different in their own way and you should check some of them out if you want to have different accommodation options.

XE Currency Converter

You need to know how much something is worth, this is the app for you. They have a site and an iOS and Android app, so you should be covered no matter what kind of phone you use. This is the right app to have if you need a quick currency check.

Weather Apps

You can use built in apps like those on Android and iOS, but you can also download custom apps like AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, Yr, Weather2Umbrella and many more. They are pretty good in what they do, especially if you can look past the ads, or if you pay to have them removed. 

These are some of the best travel apps which you should download and use on your travels.