What Does Spain Have to Offer to Tourists? – Visiting Spain

There are some countries in the world which are not famous for anything particular. Then, there are the countries which have a reputation. Italy has its own reputation, like most mediterrannean countries. Germany also has a reputation, but people outside of Germany often can’t tell the difference between the northern and southern parts of Germany.

So, what about Spain? What does Spain have to offer to unexpecting tourists? Well, lots of things. Here is what you need to know about visiting Spain.

A Football Loving Country

For those from the United States, football in this case means soccer and Spain can’t get enough of it. At the top of the ladder, La Liga, there are a couple of clubs which have more fans than you could count. Add to that the spice of the El Classico, the battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona and you already have quite the combination of passion and excitement. Expect to see football fans everywhere through the country, especially if La Liga matches are on. 

Lots of Architecture and History

Spain is one of the older countries in Europe and it is packed with history. Wherever you go throughout Spain, you will find some interesting piece of history and it might actually be a castle or two around. If you don’t want to experiment and explore, you could always go to Madrid or Barcelona, the latter being literally full of interesting architecture. Either way, Spain has history in heaps, or rather, castles. 

The Mediterrannean Culture

People who don’t know Spain or the Spanish culture might use loud or offensive as adjectives to describe them, but they don’t know even a part of the truth.

In fairness, conversations can get heated, but they also cool off very quickly. The mediterrannean attitude is often laid back and very friendly, passionate and engaging. You will quickly find yourself being pulled by a whirlpool of entertainment, as well as food. A part of that mediterrannean experience is eating good food and drinking good wine.


This is one of those controversial topics, but like it or not, Spain has bull fights. Bullfighting is not two bulls fighting one another, but rather, a contest between a bullfighter, a torero, and a bull. The bullfighter can use various weapons, usually knife-based, depending on the style of bullfighting, the end goal being to kill the bull (hence all the controversy). If you think that you can handle it and if it isn’t against your moral principles, then bullfighting is a spectacle to behold.

Music – Spanish Music is Special

No, not everybody plays flamenco in Spain, but, it is a piece of their tradition. Apart from flamenco and the typical interesting rhythms and singing which follow, Spain has developed its own modern scene, with plenty of contemporary artists and bands to listen to. Make sure to visit a restaurant and enjoy some traditional Spanish music, for it is a part of the experience.

A Beautiful Coastline

Spain has access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterrannean Sea. One is on the northern, north western and south western side, and the other one on the south eastern side of the country. If you want to enjoy some water on a sizzling hot summer day, Spain has beautiful beaches for you to visit.

These are but some things that Spain has to offer to the tourist. The rest is for you to find.